What is the Paroli betting system?

Read our guide to the Casino’s Paroli roulette staking scheme to see if you can increase your earnings.
The Paroli system betting strategy’s concept is to increase or decrease the player’s stake based on the final outcome.
It’s simple to learn and can be used in conjunction with other casino games such as Pai Gow or Craps.

What is the Paroli System?

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While even-money bets are ideal for roulette players looking to increase their bankroll, a betting system can help take it to the next level.

“progressive staking”progressive staking. In essence, it is the inverse of the Martingale.

Martingale doubles your stakes whenever you have a losing spin.

With Paroli, the reverse is true: if you lose, you retain your stake. If you lose again, the stakes remain the same.

If you do hit a winner, you double your stake and continue. The Paroli’s objective is to double your stake after three consecutive winning spins. Until that occurs, you reset your stake to the original value.

The Paroli Mechanism in Action

Let us take a closer look at how Paroli works in practice. We’ll start with a base stake of £1. If a losing spin occurs, the wager remains at £1. However, if a winning spin occurs, the wager doubles to £ 2. After three winning spins, the bet is reset to £1.

For example, the player wagers on Red and Black, which both pay 1/1. After three winning spins, we earned £ 7. The stakes are then reset to their initial £ 1 per spin wager. We’ve had two defeats, each worth £1, followed by two victories. However, we lose on spin #8, incurring a £ 4 loss. Our total profit for the eight spins is £ 4. To turn a profit, we needed only five of the eight spins to land.

The Paroli scheme’s advantages and disadvantages

Each casino game has a positive and negative aspect. If you are on a winning streak with the Paroli, you simply increase your bet – or risk losing more -. Naturally, this means your winning streak will continue.

The issue with any roulette staking strategy is that losing streaks frequently occur. Before you make a profit, you may incur a large number of one-unit losses.

When using the Paroli, players earn only seven units after three consecutive wins, regardless of the initial stake. This may not be sufficient to compensate for any losses sustained.

When all possible outcomes of three consecutive roulette spins are considered, only two result in a profit (two wins in a row and three wins in a row).

There are far too many permutations that will ultimately result in the player losing.

While the Paroli system’s disadvantages are obvious, it can still assist you in containing any losses. When you win, the stakes automatically increase, but this strategy is not as conservative as, say, the Martingale. Each time you lose, the scheme reduces the size of your wager.

Attempting the Paroli method

The Paroli betting strategy may be used by those seeking to increase their profits.

It is similar to the Martingale in that it doubles the stakes following a win. However, after a losing spin, the stakes are halved. As a result, it would take longer to return.